Writer’s Write (Are You Sure You’re a Writer?)

Are you ever scared of telling people what you do? You’re a writer. You’ve always been a writer. But you’re afraid to say it out loud. When I decided to pursue freelance writing, I was scared to say it. I was afraid of claiming the title.

I was a writer. I had always been. But I was afraid to say it.

This fear held me back from pursuing my dreams. I don’t want that for you.

If you’re facing the same problem, let me help.

What Doesn’t Make a Writer

For the record these things don’t make you a writer:

  • Talking about writing
  • Tweeting about writing (#writerproblems, anyone?)
  • A coffee mug with spiffy sayings

Writing makes you a writer.

What Makes a Writer

Writers write. You either write because that’s what you’re paid to do or you write because you simply can’t help it. It’s a necessary as eating or breathing. Stopping is just not going to happen.

Or maybe it’s both for you. Both is awesome. Who doesn’t want to be paid for what they already do anyways?

Are You Sure?

Yes, you are. Even if you’re not a professional writer, you can still claim the title of writer.

Do you scribble poems, stories, or personal essays in your spare time? You’re a writer.

Do you write letters and journals? Do you write your own personal blog? You’re a writer.

You are a writer. Go ahead and claim the title.

Why Claim the Title?

Because I want you to have courage. It’s your title. You are a writer.

Let the title give you added confidence to go further with your writing. Maybe you have an article idea that you’d like to pitch to an editor. Maybe you have a novel stewing in your head.

Maybe you want to try your hand at freelance writing.

Get out there and pursue your dreams. It can make you happier and more fulfilled.

Shake off that fear and say it with me: “I’m a writer.”

Remember: writers write. And it’s ok to claim your title.