NaNoWriMo – 6+ Tips for the Second Half (+Writing Prompts)

Hello, dear WriMo.

You’ve made it half-way through this year’s NaNoWriMo. You deserve a big round of applause, because what you’ve done is impressive.


You’ve written approximately 25,000 words by now. That’s awesome!

I hope you’re still feeling as excited about the second half as you were for the first half. If not, that’s OK. I’ve got some tips to keep you going for the second half:

If You Feel Bogged Down…

Can’t. Write. Any. More. DSFKJ;LFAS;

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, keyboard smashing isn’t productive writing. But if real words are starting to look like nonsense to you, maybe you should take a walk.

I’m going to suggest some things that might make you cringe. Remember, you’re writing right now. Not editing. It can all be edited properly later. We’re going to break some rules.

Change Verb Tense

If you’re having trouble writing a particular scene try changing the verb tense.

I write most of my fiction in past tense, but I found that it’s easier to write action scenes in present tense. It helps me get in the right mindset for those kinds of scenes.

If you usually write in present tense, try past tense. Or get really crazy and try writing in future tense and see how it affects how you think about the action.

Get Competitive

If you haven’t already, check out Twitter for some word sprints here.

And don’t get discouraged if you didn’t write as much as others. Every single word gets you closer to your word count.

Or sprint on your own: set a timer and type as much as you can.

If You Just Need Encouragement

We all need encouragement from time to time. Even writers. Especially writers.


Sound familiar? Get with other writers that know what you’re going through.

Go to a write-in if there is one close enough. Or try a virtual write in. Connect with others on the NaNoWriMo message boards, or through social media such as Facebook groups and Twitter. There are plenty of people to give to the virtual hug that you need.

If You Don’t Know What To Write Next…

Do you feel as if you have extracted every single ounce of creative juice left in your brain? Your muse has packed her bags and left on vacation? We’ve all been there. (So much of the writing experience is universal.)

Check your outline

If you have an outline, check it. You might see something you’ve forgotten about. Or you can pick a scene that you haven’t come to that excites and gets those creative juices flowing.


Again, you might find something there you forgot about. I’m very visual, so I love finding a pin that inspired me and being able to run with the ideas it gives me.

If you don’t have Pinterest boards of your own you can totally hit up other people’s boards . Personally, I keep my boards for specific stories private, but I keep a public board with writing prompts that I really like.


In addition to encouraging you to write with some healthy competition, @NaNoWordSprints usually includes a prompt of some kind with each sprint. Two very good reasons to check it out if you’re having trouble getting your word count in.

More Writing Prompts

And if you absolutely must have some kind of inspiration right here right now, you don’t even have to leave the page. Below are some dialogue prompts of my own that I’m sharing for the first time.

Be inspired! Be creative! Pick the tip that stood out the most or start at the top and try them all.

You can do this! Whatever issue you’re facing at the half-way point you can overcome it. I’m cheering for you!